Thoughts about weight

I think, sometimes, or at least I want to think. I’m a thinker and it driver me insane that thinking is so difficult right now. I’m the person who goes and asks the nurses at 3 am about how babies think (as my thoughts form words and babies don’t know words) or have conversations through a sleepless night about how we see colour or what the universe is expanding into. I’m the person who changes the mind of a whole class room who are certain happiness is self actualisation, that really happiness isn’t attainable and self actualisation is acceptance. I’m a thinker, I like thinking and more than anything else, more than anything else that I’m not able to do right now, I want to be able to think again. 

However I was just thinking about scales and weight and BMI. 

BMI was a calculation invented for an experiment to simply classify people into groups, not as a medical measure. So how can we accurately say what a body, what an individual should be? BMI doesn’t take into account a persons bone structure, their muscle mass, it is simply a formula made to group people together. 

 And weight it’s self is a reflection of gravity on a mass and everything has mass however small or large. Nothing can ever be  entirely weightless, because gravity  constantly interacts with everything that is and ever was. The thing is depending where on earth you are, or where in the solar system you are, your weight will be different. If you are in the top of a mountain you will weigh slightly less than in a deep valley. Weigh is variable, not only because what makes up our bodies is always fluctuating (water, waster, cells) but because it varies depending up in the gravitational pull in your location. 

Yes, scales are standardised to a measurement, but how is it possible to make sure every scale/weight in the world is exactly the same? No matter ho much you try, there will always be small, tiny, variations. 

So not only is BMI a load of rubbish for more reasons that one (it wasn’t made for medical purposes, it doesn’t take into account muscle mass or bone density….) but weight in general is unreliable. We are more than a number, a number that varies and fluctuates.  We are people. We are people with personalities, good and bad qualities. We are people who are growing, changing, adapting to the world around us. We are people who have lessons to learn, mistakes to make and a universe full of infinite possibilities to offer. The world we live in puts such emphasis on weigh; it has almost become the most important and talked about measure in society- but what about kindness, love, gratitude???
You are more than a BMI. You are more than a number. You are a person! Don’t let numbers decide your happiness. Don’t let numbers, that at one time in history dos not exist dictate your future.