We are looking in the wrong place 

Everytime my mum says ‘I wish I had legs like you’ I want to scream. I’m not meant to look desirable or nice or ‘perfect’. I’m not even meant to look healthy- and yes I do look healthy, but you can’t tell me that’s body dysmorphia when the worlds perception of beauty is so warped. 
Beauty shouldn’t be a concept based on looks. A look should never be desired. No one should be told to be smaller, bigger, more toned…. We shouldn’t be told to Contour out faces or straighten our hair. Beauty isn’t what we look like, beauty is accepting yourself. Beauty is kindness, selflessness, honesty. 

We can’t gain beauty by changing the way we look. We shouldn’t think someone else is more beautiful, or desirable, based on what they look like- and the fact we are taught this from such young ages, it’s disgusting. We are all beautiful so long as we are good people. We are all beautiful so long as we are willing to learn. We are all beautiful, not because we look a certain way, but because we are individual and unique. We are beautiful because we are ourselves.
I don’t want people to say ‘if I had toe body I could wear it’, because believing beauty comes from the way clothes fit or our appearance in general is wrong!!! We never find children ugly because they are true to themselves, they are accepting and loving and honest. 
We can be short, tall, slim, muscular, wide. We can wear make up, or not. We can have curly hair, straight hair, frizzy hair. We can have high check bones or rounded faces. We can be an hour glass, an apple, or no shape at all- these things don’t matter and a society that makes us believe they are is a society which needs changing. 
We live in an age where we never feel beautiful, because we are looking in the wrong places for beauty. Look inside! Look at who you are. The things you do, the qualities you process, your strengths and weakness- all these things, the things which are unique and personal to you, that’s where your beauty is hiding and you ARE beautiful! You are a beautiful person!!!
Stop trying to change your appearance and instead let yourself glow.


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