Summer and Scars

For those with scars, summer can often cause a lot of torment. But I’m here to say- if you are hot in long sleeves, wear short sleeves, if you want to wear shorts with out tights, that’s also fine. Just because you have scars they do not needs to be hidden away, especially at the expense of your health in the summer heat!

 Lets talk about scars. Millions of people,even billions of people have scars. Some scars are from accidents, some are from surgeries, some scars occur after illness. However, regardless of the cause, scars are everywhere! Scar come in different sizes, shapes and even in different colours. Some scares are broad, some are long, some are barely noticeable, some are red, some are silver, some are round and some are raised. Some people have lots of scars, other have none. Scars are scars, all with unique tales to tell. They are now part of you, but they do not define you. They are a part of you that you should not be ashamed off. Scars aren’t ugly, they aren’t imperfections, they aren’t defects, they aren’t nasty or yucky. Scars don’t make you weak, they don’t make you attention seeking. They don’t make you anything other than the person you are, with a story to tell. And regardless of a body with or with out scars, you are still beautiful, because you are you!!!

People hide their scares for a whole range of reasons. And personally, I agree with the covering up of fresh, unhealed cuts, for infection control reasons more than anything, but also as to not trigger or upset others. However scars, I see no reason why we should be allowed to show them. A lot of people hide them through shame, or secrecy, or fear- but one thing I want to say is that if another person has a problem with your scars, that is THEIR problem and NOT yours! If they don’t like it or accept it, that’s not your fault and if people are rude, they probably aren’t worth having in your life anyway. If someone asks questions you can just say ‘I was poorly’, or ‘they are my story’, you aren’t obliged to tell anyone anything that you aren’t comfortable with sharing. However also don’t be afraid to talk about your illness/difficulties. If you feel ok doing so, sharing you experience spreads awareness, which is always a good thing. (Just make sure it’s an appropriate audience not young children).

And finally, my top tip is sun light is really good for the healing and fading of scars, however scar tissue is sensitive to sun light for remember sun cream. Alternatively, other options for encouraging scars to fade, oils (such as bio oil) an be massaged the scars, leading to smoother and lighter scars. Given time, the appearance of scars should lessen naturally.

So this summer, don’t hide away your scars on hot days. Accept yourself, and live your life. Be proud of the fact you have survived!!!


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