An introduction to Megan

A few years ago if you had asked me to describe myself, i would simply have said, ‘I’m a bad person,’ and shut down. My mind couldn’t move past mistakes I had made, silly things I had done wrong. I wasn’t perfect and I allowed bad things to happen and therefore, I was bad.

But the reality is, is that no one is a bad person or a good person. As humans we are capable of doing things which are bad and good with out those decisions or actions becoming an description of ourselves.

So, who am I?

  • I’m Megan, a 23 year old from Yorkshire.
  • I’m currently preparing to start university in order to train as a Children’s Nurse, and although my life long dream has been to study Medicine, I am still excited at the prospect of all Nursing will give me. I want to work in health care as I want to work in a role where I am constantly challenged, where no day is the same and everyday is an opportunity to learn and become the best I can be. I want to work in health care because I want to celebrate the small victories and the happy discharges, but I also want to give comfort to patients and their families on days where there is a deterioration or bad news is received. I want to work in health care so I can play a role in making people better, but also provide dignity in death.
  • I climb. My best friend and her now widow introduced me to the sport and now I can not get enough. Each week I push myself to do what I couldn’t, to improve. Most people find their thing pretty early on in life- dancing, playing instruments, sports, but it took me 22 years to discover climbing and now I cant get enough of it.
  • I am creative, but not artistic. I am caring, but know when to be firm. I am giving towards others and also myself. I am a scientist, methodical and logical.
  • I like to think. I like to look at things from different angles to everyone else.I ask questions, which seem strange to others. I like to find answers, where maybe there isn’t one.
  • I am strong, weird,  loyal, passionate, flippant, committed, emphatic, daring, stubborn.

I am Megan and if I am truthful, I would choose to be me over anyone else. not because I’m better than other, not because I don’t have faults. But because I have fought to become this person I am today and i can finally say: ‘ I am not a bad person, I am a person who is still learning.’

And one last important point about me- I fight mental illness, but that is not who i am.


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